We've had a busy two months in the Science Lab!

Your students have been very busy in Science Lab this semester. Check it out below!

Kindergarten - We’ve been using fairy tales to learn about engineering practices and to study properties of materials. Here the kids predict whether materials will float or sink, and if they’d be useful to make a boat for a toy soldier (Steadfast Tin Soldier). To finish the quarter will be building houses a la The 3 Little Pigs.

First Grade - Students have been studying sound and vibrations. Before the break each student took home a cup phone they made in class. Next up we’ll be studying light and shadows.


Second Grade - Students used the engineering design process to create coolers that would keep an ice pop frozen for the length of one lab. We studied states of matter, conductors / insulators and reversible / irreversible changes. We are testing the coolers this week, and then moving on to space and the seasons.

Third Grade - Students have been studying soil (including which grow beans best!) and forest fires. We are wrapping up the quarter by experimenting with rocks, and then moving on to erosion for quarter 2.

Fourth Grade - Students are keeping data on our local weather, studying extreme weather, determining the role of our orbit and seasons on weather (direct v indirect sunlight experiment pictured below), and have been helping in the garden to end the quarter. We’ll continue to study weather and climate thru December.


Fifth Grade - Mrs. Stone’s class is building new raised beds below, but the students have been working on landforms and the constructive / destructive forces that shape them. In partnership with Mrs. Pascual they are creating a commercial for a Natural Park using the Clips app that focuses on the unique landforms of that park. We are moving on to classification in the science lab though!