Won't you be my neighbor!?

The closest star to Earth has a planet! Proxima Centauri b orbits the Centauri trinary star system. At a mere 4 1/2  light years away, the Centauri system is the closest neighbor to our own, but it would take 18,000 years to travel there in the current fastest man-made spacecraft. We are still need to learn a lot about the planet, and physicist Stephen Hawking has a plan to do just that. Called "Breakthrough Starshot", he proposes using lasers to propel a spaceship the size of a stamp to take photos of this new world. The unmanned craft would travel at 20% the speed of light and would only take 20 years to get there, plus another 4 1/2 to send back data. 

Pretty cool stuff to think about. What is out there?!? Will we ever be able to see it up close?!?