Welcome back to school everyone! I had a terrific summer break, and I hope you all did too! I was able to travel with Project Lead The Way to train other teachers. I visited Orlando twice, DC once, and was in downtown Atlanta once. DC was the most fun, I met some other teachers from around the country and we visited most of the major monuments and museums the day before the training started.

I also traveled a bit for fun, visiting some friends in Denver and vacationing at Amelia Island. I read a half dozen books, gardened at home quite a bit, checked out some Braves games, did some acting at Red Door Playhouse, and hiked and paddled with friends and family.

Take a look at the video below to hear what we’ll be up to starting off the school-year!

Sign up for Fall FAST classes!

Registration is now open for Fall FAST classes! You can learn more about each class and register using the links below.

K/1st - Green Paws Jr - Mondays: Gardening, hikes and nature crafts and games, now on a new day. This class is FULL. Contact me to be added to the waiting list.

4th/5th - MechaPaws - Wednesdays: Mechanical engineering and problem solving with VEX kits! This takes the place of Steady Paws, and should not be confused with the VEX Robotics Competition Club. Register here. Only 4 spots left!

2nd/3rd - Green Paws - Thursdays: Gardening, hikes and nature crafts and games! This class is FULL. Contact me to be added to the waiting list.

*Zendaya will not be present for any of the classes.

Donate faster, I hear banjos!

My dad taught my brothers and I to canoe on the Chattahoochee River when we were little kids. If he hadn’t, then I would never have gotten in to science education. It was my hook towards exploring the natural world.

While working at the Chattahoochee Nature Center 20 years later, I was given the opportunity to lead 12 underserved youth on Paddle Georgia as a part of a grant. Paddle Georgia is a week-long, 100-mile paddling and camping trip for 400 people that visits a different Georgia River each year. I jumped at the chance! And I did it the next year. And then the money ran out, so for 8 more years I raised the money to keep it going and took a week off each summer to participate.

I passed off the scholarship program after 10 years, 1000+ miles, and 120 kids - kids that had never done anything like that, but might find themselves studying science or sharing the outdoors with other because of it! The trip is coming up in a week, and while I’ll only join them for a day or two to catch up, I’d like to help raise money for the Georgia River Network, who puts on the event, and Camp Horizon, this year’s scholarship participants.

Please consider helping me by donating here: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/joey-giunta/paddle-georgia-canoeathon-2019

(I’ll even take you paddling sometime as a thank you!)


2nd Grade's future is so bright...

They have to BUILD shade! For the playground that is! Students have been studying the seasons, our sun, the moon and the stars. They figured out that the sun comes from the southeast during recess, and they designed shade covers for a place of respite.








Meatless Mondays!

Not a typical post from me, but this topic came up in 5th grade today as we were hiking on the nature trail. Today I had a veggie sandwich for lunch - my Meatless Monday. I’m just trying baby steps towards reducing my impact on the environment and I encourage your family to try it too!

You're a sunflower....

First grade study the basic needs of plants by planting sunflowers seeds and watching them grow! Every few days the used cubes to measure how tall they were getting! Now that the project is over, some of the plants have been moved to the garden! Day 1 is on the left hand side of the carousel, and Day 22 (the last day) is all the way to the right!

May the force be with you.

Kindergarten is completing a project-based lesson from PLTW where three friends must move a load of rocks from one side of the yard to another in order to build a swing-set there. We studied pushes and pulls, as well as examined Mr. Giunta’s rock collection, and designed/built/tested/evaluated model rock movers. This was our first collaborative engineering challenge in the Science Lab, and the kids did great!







Rooted in engineering.

First Grade students have been studying basic needs of plants (sunlight, air, water, nutrients (soil)) using an Engineering Is Elementary lesson, “A Gift from Fadel”. Each student designed and built a package to transport a plant (or seeds in soil) safely to be gifted to someone of their choice. Check out the results below!







International Schoolhouse of Pancakes

The Tritt Tiger Foundation purchased TWO PancakeBots this year to help our students learn about 3D printing. Fifth grade was excited to be the guinea pigs for Chef Giunta and Chef Pascual!

Students studied liver cells and onion cells with Mr. Giunta using microscopes, learned the PancakeBot Painter software with Mrs. Pascual and drew their cells, cooked them up in the Science Lab, and labeled pictures of their cells in the Technology Lab. Below is a time-lapse of a plant cell, and at the bottom is the explanation of an animal cell!

Congratulations Science Fair Winners!

Elizabeth Perkel, Bridgitte Butler, Noa Irizarry, Cora Anne Davis and Haley Elwood represented Tritt Elementary at the Cobb / Paulding Regional Science Fair on February 9th.

In our best showing yet, each girl earned a medal: 2nd place for Elizabeth, and 3rd for each of the other girls. A special shout out goes to Suzie Tierney who came down with the flu and wasn’t able to join us.

Save the Date: STAR PARTY

The 3rd Annual STAR PARTY with the Georgia Tech Astronomy Club is coming up on February 13th. This is a bring-your-own telescope event, but the college students will bring some of their equipment to share as well.

We’ll be setting up on the Tritt field starting at 6pm, with a kick-off presentation at 6:30pm and observation until 7:30pm. This is not a drop off event, parents are expected to stay with their students.

In the event of cloud cover, a decision will be made the morning of February 13th on a GO/NO GO for launch.

Their early work is so derivative of the avant-garde movement of the late 1980's.

To cap off a semester full of learning all about engineering, Kindergarten designed and built their own painting tools (a structure) that could create a variety of lines and shapes (its function)! Keep in mind that the testing phase, our paintings, was to experiment with our tool, not necessarily follow best practices from what they’ve learned with Mrs. McFerrin!

You might be able to use a little water to clean off their painting tools, but I recommend having them think of ways to improve on their design and to create a new one with items from around the house! Take a look at their designs and paintings below!

Smith / Colley:

Bower / Eshelman:

Garrett / Swift:

Wall / Rinehart:

Gillespie / Smith: