2019 Science Fair Results!

Our 5th graders worked hard on the Science Fair for the last two months! Take a look at all of the projects below!

Lupiani: 1st - Haley Elwood, “Apple Oxidation”; 2nd (tie) - Suzie Tierney, “Is Lie Detection Possible?” and Elizabeth Perkel, “What is the most effective way to wash hands?”; 3rd– Hannah Nothdurft, “The Rose Knows”

Gardner: 1st - Beck Chaney, “Best Foot Forward”; 2nd - Josie Hutchinson, “What type of soda causes the most damage to teeth enamel?”; 3rd – Hunter Foree, “Can daises survive on other liquids?”

Blick: 1st (tie) – Cora Anne Davis, “Jelly Bean” and Regan Gilbert, “What is the best way to reduce bacteria on your toothbrush?”; 2nd – Finn Roche, “Which liquid makes a plant grow faster?”; 3rd – Ava Chao, “Which sippy cup leaks the least?”

Dino: 1st – Noa Irizarry, “Listen, I promise you’ll smile”; 2nd (tie) – Beatrice Hartwig, “Are you sure you want to eat that cheese?”, and Krish Patel, “Vita-Plants”, and Masha Kozhanova, “Salty Alum Crystal Growth”; 3rd (tie) – Claudia Martin, “Rise Up”, and Carter Whitley, “Wood versus Fire”, and Ivy Yera, “Flour Power”

Pizzuto: 1st - Bridgette Butler, “Which household item has the most bacteria on its surface?”; 2nd – Bryson Markus, “Does your drink rot your teeth?”; 3rd – Max Kalina, “What is the best way to hard-boil an egg?” and George Hoeller, “How hard is your favorite candy?”

Stone: 1st - Avery Blackmon, “How do sugary drinks affect your teeth?”; 2nd (tie) – Ashley Anne Braun, “Effects of Flour” and Abbey Bensman, “Eggs-Periment”; 3rd – McKenzie Ellis, “Which hamster is smarter?”

The following students will be representing Tritt Elementary at the Cobb Regional Science Fair on February 9th: Bridgette Butler, Cora Anne Davis, Haley Elwood, Noa Irizarry, Elizabeth Perkel and Suzie Tierney.