Science Fair Updates

Hey 5th Graders great work on your Science Fair proposal forms! The hardest part is defining the problem!

  • If you turned your form in before the November 2nd, then I have already approved, provided feedback, made copies and returned.

  • Everyone who turned one in on the 2nd, I’ll have yours back to you Wednesday morning. Go ahead and proceed with your topic, and I’ll let you know any concerns I had then. Use Tuesday the 6th wisely, get some work done!!!

  • Anyway turning their from in late should leave it with my sub on Monday, and also proceed as if it were approved. We’ll touch base when I get back.

General pointers:

  • Sources - For your final project you should reference at least 3 sources as a part of your background research. This should be used to form your hypothesis, or prediction of what will happen based on what you’ve learned.

  • Variables - Great job on identifying those! The control was something a lot of you had trouble with, so that is on me! Most of us have talked about it individually or as a class at this point, but generally, you want to compare your experiment to something. For example, in the affect of sunlight on plant growth your control would be a plant in full (or recommended) sunlight. In our goo lab, the control was the standard recipe of 1 oz water, and increases / decreases in that amount would let us compare stretchiness.

  • Common Projects - Many of you are experimenting with plants. That is great! It might make it hard for you to really impress the judges however, unless your project really stands out. You could definitely get knocked on the creativity category though. Just something to think about!

As always, email me with any questions, or feel free to come by the lab between 7:20-7:50 AM with your teacher’s permission! ONE MONTH UNTIL PROJECTS ARE DUE!!!