150 Projects. 42 Judges. 6 Days. This is Science Fair.

The 5th Grade students have been working very hard in the lab to learn the scientific method, apply to an interest of theirs, and present their findings in our 3rd Annual Science Fair. 

Each student was able to present their work to 2 or more guest judges from different fields. Judges came from Rose Animal Hospital, Chattahoochee Nature Center, Kennesaw State University, Chattahoochee Riverkeepper, Red Door Playhouse, Cobb County School District, and various medical, engineering and architectural backgrounds. 

Gardner: 1st Place: Henry – “When you play into space…”
2nd Place: Kaylyn – “Watering Plants Faster”
3rd Place: Gregory – “Cichlid v Cichlid

Stone: 1st Place: Anna – “Which Hand Sanitizer Works the Best?”
2nd Place: Adele – “Radiation Rocks”
3rd Place: Shayon – “Color me Blue!!!”

Pirlot: 1st Place: Emma – “Carnation Coloring”
2nd Place: Charlie – “Video Game Programming”
3rd Place: Lauren – “Memory Mnemonics"

Dino: 1st Place: Lily – “Nail Polish Durability”
2nd Place: Cameron – “Gummy Bear Lab”
3rd Place: Ava – “Let's Namaste Calm”

Pizzuto: 1st Place: Kaushik – “Minty Madness”
2nd Place: Camden – “What is the best temperature for popcorn storage?”
3rd Place: Robbie – “Slapshot Science”

Lupiani: 1st Place: Nila – “Could Chewing Slowly Improve Your Health”
2nd Place: Luke – “Engineering a Nerf ‘Superblaster’”
3rd Place: Viveka – “Hot Meals”