Harvesting Carrots and Helping Birds!

After a week of playing habitat games before the February break, it was back to work in Green Paws. While we were weeding, the Thursday class harvested about 60 carrots between 1-4" each. These were holdovers from the class that ended last November, but moving forward we'll always plant some root veggies to grow over the winter. 

Friday's class helped plan out our garden schedule for the semester, but even more fun were the bird nesting boxes we created! We cut doors in recycled milk jugs (I'm always collecting those) and added a bunch of red string. Our hope is that nesting song birds use the strings to help build/line their nests and that we can spy on them from the ground. You could also add dryer lint, hair from a brush, and other yarns and strings to entice them to use your nesting box!