I was so excited to join Mrs. Pirlot's class on their trip to Driftwood! It was 3 days full of science: reptile demos (Gators, Gopher Tortoises, Copperheads, etc.), an encounter with a Barred Owl, a nighttime hike all about our five senses, dipping into the inter coastal to capture microscopic plankton - and finding them under the microscopes, team building activities (trust fall!), campfires (I know the counselors secret language), a ferry ride, tree climbing, picnic lunches, old ruins, wild horses, a beach hike (with discoveries of crabs, fish, Cannonball jellyfish, and horseshoe crab exoskeletons), and even more when we used our seine nets! Here are just some of the pictures that I was able to take of our class and others!