Zoo Atlanta's Panda Twins Receive Names!

(CNN) - "Zoo Atlanta's roly poly black-and-white furballs of cuteness, formerly known as Cub A and Cub B, have new names. A naming ceremony on Monday revealed that the giant panda cubs will go by the monikers Ya Lun and Xi Lun. Together, the names mean 'Lun Lun's elegant and happy daughters.' 
The pair are the sixth and seventh offspring of mom Lun Lun and dad Yang Yang. The ceremony marked 100 days since the birth of their second set of twins. The 100-day naming celebration is a Chinese tradition that the zoo also followed with the cubs' five older brothers and sisters."

The pandas at Zoo Atlanta are part of a program to help other pandas around the world. Loss of habitat (where an animals lives) has caused panda populations drop in China, where they are from. These panda twins will eventual travel back to China, but you can visit them for now, or watch them on the Zoo's Panda Cam