Guidelines for scientific research protocol (middle/high school).

The following required forms and guidelines for middle and high school students to ensure that the research they are planning is safe, ethical, and approved by a parent, a teacher, and field experts. Many of our students are planning experiments that involve surveys of peers or studies of animals, and while we won't be required to complete the forms, all projects must be approved by the Science Lab teacher using the Project Overview Form each student has been given. Taking a look at these now is a good learning opportunity for future projects. 

1C Regulated Research Setting: Required for research done in a hospital, university, or other lab or research setting other than home, school or field.

2 Qualified Scientist: Likely required for research involving human participants, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents, or DEA-controlled substances.

3 Risk Assessment: Recommended for everyone. Required for projects using hazardous chemicals, activities or devices and microorganisms exempt from pre-approval.

4 Human Participants and Informed Consent Form: Required for research involving human participants. Informed Consent Forms must be signed by your research participants. IRB approval is REQUIRED! See Sample Informed Consent Statement

5A/5B Vertebrate Animals: If animal research is done at home, school, or field, get SRC signatures and use 5A. If animal research is done at a regulated research institution, get IACUC approval before experiment begins and use 5B. Some questions will be answered after completion.

6A Hazardous Biological Agents: Required for research involving microorganisms, rDNA, tissue, blood, bodily fluid, etc. Approval before experiment begins, but questions may be answered after completion.

6B Human/Animal Tissue: Required in addition to 6A if research involves fresh or frozen tissue, cells, blood, bodily fluid, etc. IACUC approval before experiment begins, but questions may be answered after completion.

7 Continuation/Research Progression: Required if project continues or expands upon a previous year’s work. Also must include previous year’s Abstract and Research Plan