The 2019 Science Fair

What is it? The Elementary Science Fair is a wonderful way for students to share their STEM-related interests with the school community. What are they most excited about after 6-years of school?! Each project must consist of a student-led investigation and a display to present the results to their peers and judges. Students come up with their own question, an experiment to answer that question, and then share the results. 

How will they be judged? We will use the CCSD Elementary Science Fair Rubric (shown below) to evaluate projects. Students work, both written and oral, will be judged by their peers, teachers and outside judges.

Who participates? All 5th-grade students will be expected to turn in a project, but all other students are welcome to participate. Students will work individually, no teams.

When is the fair? Project displays are due on Monday, December 3rd. Students will present their project throughout the week during their normal Science Lab time. Winners from each class will compete in the school-wide Science Fair on Monday, December 10th. The top five projects from our school will go on to the Cobb County Science Fair on February 9th.

How do you display the results? Each project must include a tri-fold display board, report and journal. The display board must include the: question/problem, 3 research sources, hypothesis, procedure, equipment, data, analysis (including graphs), pictures and conclusions. (The photo below is just an example, examining the top projects from previous years will give your student a better idea of what theirs should look like). The report will mostly consist of the same information on the display board, but with the addition of background information, next steps (think: how would this project be improved?), and any additional information your student wants to share. Though a composition book is more traditional, your student can use their Science Lab 3-ring binder as a journal, and should keep track of all hand-written notes they have along the way (be sure to date them).

Best Practices: Parents are encouraged to guide students, but not to do the project. Models, including volcanoes or robots, and “research only” projects on general interest topics are NOT acceptable projects. Projects should be experiment-based, and results data-driven. All projects mush be approved by Mr. Giunta. Projects involving slime / goo, Mentos & Coke, or paper airplanes will not be approved.

What’s next? Our 5th-graders will spend Science Lab time learning the Scientific Method, and researching and discussing scientific topics that most interest them. By November 5th students must have an approved project by completing this form (time will be given in class to do so). We will continue to work on the Science Fair in the lab through November, but all experiments will be done at home. Your student’s topic may be limited by what they can accomplish at home!

Contact Mr. Giunta at with any questions.

I’ll end with this cute video, even though I know our kids would never wait until the last minute!